Drilling machine

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Drilling machine, rotary hammer mill



The Drilling machine from class of rotary hammer drills usable for drilling into the most malicious materials like is high durable concrete,  walls built-up from steal-concrete blocks, or massive wooden beams. This drilling machine supports all kinds of tools mentioned for SDS Plus socket and also standard drills with cylindrical tip thanks to included adapter. Drilling power is ca. 1250 Watt, energy of impact equals to 5 Joules. A mass of device self is ca. 5 kg + accessories packed in suite.


Possible modes of drilling machine:
  • rotary hummer (bricks, concrete, panels)
  • drilling without impacts (wood, plastics)
  • hummer without rotations (bricks, lightened concrete, for durable concrete we recommend bigger jackhammer from our advertisement)



It’s possible to adjust rotation from zero which makes drilling machine usable in combination with front milling cutter (makes big holes into materials like bricks, concrete, etc). Also allows drilling into metals.


We offer all necessary accessories to be lend with drilling machine – we provide a lot kinds of drillers, bolsters and safety aid. Don’t hesitate to ask us before rental.