Drilling, cutting and solder ironing

Drilling, cutting and solder ironing

From time to time there happens you need something cut or drill and it’s one time action due to which you would need to rent a tool just for 5 mins.

I you are able to put thing which need to be cut or drilled into car – you’ve won!

If it’s one time action and just few pieces, it’s possible to make agreement about following:

  • solder ironing (typically all kinds of broken wires)
  • cutting by angle cutter
  • drilling of beams or desks
  • drilling of flat metal plates and steel profiles

At this moment we aren’t able to provide drilling to massive steel constructions or cutting user visible parts of wooden desks.

In every case, it’s necessary to make agreement by call before your arrival. Then we can solve your request immediately at our place in few minutes.

In extreme cases you can try to ask me to drive to your place, but this is out of standard offer and may be declaimed if current situation doesn’t allow that.