How can I rent a tool or trailer?

  1. Choose necessary tools from our web offer.  You can check availability for requested date in calendar on the web page.
  2. By click in calendar choose date of beginning your rental. It leads to simple form where you should fill in expected end date, your name and some contact information. We will contact you soon with confirmation of reservation and you can tell us if you’ve got some extra requirements.
  3. At agreed date and time come pickup required tools at our place which is at address Na Vršku 60, Podolanka (Prague-east). It’s necessary to have requested deposit in cash. Credit cards are not accepted yet.
  4. We will provide intro for requested tools and after authorization you can take it home.
  5. Before refund please clean the tools if necessary and bring that back to our place at agreed date and time.
  6. We will deduct rental charge from deposit and give you back rest of money.

What documents will I need?

In every case we need to authorize your identity by passport or identity card. Like the second document we accept in the best case driving licence. Card with photo mentioned like public transportation ticket in Prague (“Litacka”) is accepted as well.

For rent a trailer there is requested authorization based on driving licence valid for Czech republic.

All documents are used only for your authorization. We don’t scan their exact pictures.

What happens if I retire tools dirty?

Almost nobody knows, but one of the highest component of rental cost is caused by cleaning of tools. It takes our time which we could use for better explanation how to work with tools to our customers. We know it’s not popular, but once somebody retire dirty tool by concrete, painting,  mud or others he will have to pay extra penalty – 200 CZK.

What happens if I break rented tools?

If you damage the tool while using it, you must record it when you return it. At the first level we try to reduce loss by retirement – in case of it’s possible and rent able. If repair cost can be estimated immediately and agreed from both side, we will deduct that from deposit and retire you rest of money.

In case it’s not possible to estimate cost for repair immediately, we haven’t other choose than hold the deposit until such info is available. Then we can retire rest of money by bank transfer, if both sides agree.