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Rental up toTotal cost inc. tax
4 hours439 CZK
1 day1019 CZK
2 days1799 CZK
3 days2579 CZK
4 days3369 CZK
5 days4149 CZK
6 days4929 CZK
week5709 CZK
Deposit1500 CZK


Three scaffold cubes made from steel. Total high of the cube is 2,5 m. Maximal working high is 6,3 m with all three cubes.

A total mass for all cubes is 100 kg and they are disassembled onto flat parts. Transportation of scaffold is possible only on trailer (too big for normal car). Assembling takes ca. 10 minutes/cube and assembling requests at least two people.

Separated parts of scaffold are mounted together by flywheel screws.  During the use it’s necessary to respect basic rules for work at heights.

Deposit for one cube is 5000 CZK. Shown rental price is for all 3 cubes. If you rent one or two cubes, we provide individual discount.